Create, learn, collaborate

Our association is built on top of the open source and collaboration values, which means that everybody sums and adds value to the ecosystem. We believe in our association as a space to merge entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, and students and let things happen.

United we are stronger

The association is here to represent all the affiliated people, through the intervention in labor relations and the contribution to the defense and the promotion of the professional, labor, economic, social and cultural interests, both individual and collective that are their own.

We get (and share) the best of each other

We promote the solidarity of affiliated people through the promotion and creation of common services of a welfare nature.

We are open and collaborative

The organization maintains the necessary contact and deal with other related organizations, of any territorial scope, with the aim of providing mutual collaboration and also exchange experiences in professional, trade union or any other that results in the benefit of the association and of the affiliated people.


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